Skiing in New Zealand

Skiing in New Zealand

Skiing in New Zealand

Commercial New Zealand ski areas such as the remarkable all have their own distinct character. Most offer the world class facilities including snow making, the unique state of the art snow grooming and comprehensive base and dining facilities. The smaller club fields like the temple basin are often run by a group of enthusiasts and have simple facilities such as rope tow or T-bar lifts, the obvious generally no snow grooming but good day lodges and often a more social atmosphere.

Snowboarding in New Zealand

New Zealand Snowboarder

Snowboarding in New Zealand is a popular winter activity. All New Zealand ski areas always cater for snowboarding to some extent and you will find good riding at them all. New Zealand has some amazing spots for skiing that are found in that in the central south island which is known as one of the top snowboarding areas.

Guided snow trips in New Zealand

Skiing Session

There are many agencies that specialize in arranging skiing sessions for people in New Zealand. If you find it very cumbersome to organize one on your own. The agencies will organize everything for you including accommodation, transport to the ski fields, the ski passes and also tour guides. The snow tour is the best way to get the best of your New Zealand holiday trip. Prior planning of skiing can help you to experience multiple ski fields in a short space of time having everything taken care of for you.

When to Ski in New Zealand

Ski season always runs from June through to late October

The famous New Zealand ski season always runs from June through to late October. The conditions that permit the major commercial ski areas usually begin opening in early June with the smaller areas gradually opening in late June or early July. The month of June and July being colder always offer some good powder skiing. And August is the much awaited peak month in which to ski and the month of September and October always offer a variety of skiing for spring skiing conditions to winter powder.

Why visit New Zealand

Ski lovers visit New Zealand during the Ski Season

For the ski lovers, they should visit New Zealand during the ski season to be able to ski in the wild. The indoor ski does not give the pleasure that the wild does.


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